Pastoral Care is taken by all members of the Inclusion Team, with the Principal and Pupil Family Support Worker taking the lead, although other members of the inclusion team are skilled and effective at such support. Children causing concern are discussed at Inclusion Meetings or are brought directly to the attention of the Principal who then discusses needs with other colleagues and allocated support.

Find out more about the key roles the Pupil & Family Support Worker have in offering Pastoral Care and support to Gilbert Scott pupils by speaking to the Principal, or to the Pupil & Family Support Worker, Mrs Robinson.

Members of the school’s safeguarding team are –

Designated Person for Safeguarding: Paul Thomas

Contact Details: 0208 657 4722 –

Deputy Safeguarding Lead: Bernadette Wakefield

Contact Details: 0208 657 4722 

Annie Robinson: Contact Details: 0208 657 4722   
Jan West: Contact Details: 0208 657 4722

Nominated Governor – Frances Leroy

SAFEGUARDING LEAFLET 2019 – A guide for employees, volunteers and visitors to help keep our children safe.

Safeguarding Policy 2018

Expert Parent’s Guide to Childhood Anxiety