It is our aim to provide the best education possible and to see that each child learns at his/her own rate and to his/her maximum potential. In all that we aim to achieve at school, it is important to remember that the best preparation for adulthood is to live fully as a child.

We aim to:-

  • Help the child develop socially, intellectually, emotionally, spiritually and physically.
  • Help the child become a numerate, literate, articulate well-adjusted person who can face life with confidence.
  • Help the child live creatively in a society that is multicultural and multiracial.
  • Help the child develop a sense of self-respect.
  • Help the child develop respect for others.
  • Help the child develop concern for others.
  • Help the child become aware of human achievement and aspirations in the arts and sciences, in religions and in the search for a more just social order.
  • Help the child towards an understanding of the interdependence of people and nations.
  • Help the child develop an enquiring mind.
  • Help the child become an independent learner.
  • Help the child realise that education is a life-long process.
  • Help the child become a self-motivated learner.
  • Help the child communicate clearly and confidently in spoken and written language in ways appropriate for various occasions and purposes.
  • Help the child develop an appreciation of beauty.