Maths Vision

At Gilbert Scott Primary School we have adopted a mastery approach to teaching and learning in mathematics. This ensures that the children acquire a deep, long term, secure and adaptable understanding of the subject. Maths is the foundation for understanding the world and we want our children to know the purpose behind their learning and consequently be able to apply their knowledge to their everyday lives.

Maths Intent

Our maths curriculum is designed with the intent that when our children leave Gilbert Scott they are resilient, independent, confident and fluent mathematicians who understand that mathematics in a fundamental part of everyday life.

We deliver a curriculum that:

  • Allows every child to access learning and make accelerated progress through our inclusive and scaffolded methods.
  • Ensures high expectations for every child regardless of starting point.
  • Allows children to be confident with the basic skills that are developed, built upon and repeated throughout their school journey.
  • Embeds a deeper understanding of maths by utilising a concrete, pictorial, abstract approach so that children understand what they are doing rather than just learning to repeat routines.
  • Enhances understanding through the development of reasoning skills and challenges children through problem solving tasks.
  • Uses a corrective approach where children are given instant feedback and misconceptions are addressed immediately.
  • Encourages our children to be resilient learners by allowing them to make mistakes and learn from them quickly.