History Vision

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History Intent

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Children can use historical vocabulary appropriately to support their own progress and be academically successful in history.

Children can think critically and communicate effectively in a range of styles.

Knowledge / Understanding

Children will have a strong knowledge and understanding of people and cultures, events and eras, and contexts from a range of historical periods and be able to make connections and comparisons between them.

Children will revisit core concepts as part of a spiral curriculum approach, to ensure they can build on skills and knowledge incrementally, making meaningful connections to gain a deeper knowledge and understanding of the past.

Children will demonstrate an excellent working understanding of historical concepts: chronology, change and continuity, cause and consequences, significance, perspectives, interpretations


Children can support, challenge and evaluate their own and others’ views (including those from the past) using accurate detailed evidence from a range of sources.

Children can use historical sources in a balanced and critical manner and to engage in critical investigations of the past which lead to supported judgements.


Children can think, reflect, and discuss the past, leading to precise questioning of the past and historical enquiries.

Children have an understanding of perspective and how and why people interpret the past in different ways.


Children will visit museums, historical buildings, and places.