At Gilbert Scott, our aspirational curriculum is focused on the development of children’s language and communication, knowledge, skills and understanding across all primary subjects. The aim of excellence is to ensure pupils are ready for their next stage of learning. Children are motivated to learn, display perseverance, responsibility, and respect in an inclusive environment.

Our curriculum gives children the opportunity to develop skills for life by offering a range of real-life, enriching experiences within their local environment as well as beyond. Children will benefit from our curriculum that opens doors to a successful future.

Curriculum Yearly Themes Overviews
GSPS Whole School Curriculum Overview

EYFS The Burrow Curriculum Overview 2021 – 2023

KS1 Curriculum Overview 2021 – 2022

KS2 Curriculum Overview 2021 – 2023

The Nest (ELP) Curriculum Overview 2021 – 2024